version 1 by Aaron Reed

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        Include Spin by Aaron Reed.

        Prison Cell is a room.

        A flimsy cot is a fixed in place enterable supporter in Prison Cell. "A flimsy cot is shoved into a corner."

        Instead of pushing or pulling cot: say "The cot is bolted to the floor.[award][spin]". Instead of searching cot: say "You look through the sheets and mattress, but don't find anything.[award][spin]".

        Instead of looking under cot when rusty nail is off-stage: move rusty nail to cot; say "Under the cot you find a rusty nail." The rusty nail is a thing.

        Corridor is a room. Some steel bars are a door. "Some steel bars to the west lead to the prison corridor.". They are west of Prison Cell and east of Corridor. The bars are locked and closed.

        A bored guard is a man in Prison Cell. "Outside the bars stands a bored guard, not paying you any attention."

        Instead of attacking the guard: say "You don't have any chance of that through the bars." Instead of asking the guard about anything: say "'Why don't you shut up?' he says menacingly.[award][spin]". Instead of singing: say "The guard glowers at you. 'Cut that noise out,' he says.[award][spin]".

        Instead of attacking the guard when rusty nail is held: say "You viciously stab the guard's neck through the bars with the rusty nail! He drops to the ground. You reach through the bars and snag his keys from his pocket."; move keys to player; remove guard from play; award spin for guard. The keys unlock the steel bars.

        After going to Corridor: end the game saying "Then more things happen".

        The guard is spinnable. Carry out spinning the guard: say "Carefully, you wait until the guard is distracted, then reach through the bars, grab his collar, and viciously pull back! His head slams against the bars and he slumps to the ground. You quickly reach through and grab his keys."; move keys to player; remove guard from play. Instead of spinning the bars: try spinning the guard.

        Test me with "spin / attack guard / x cot / push cot / spin / ask guard about prison / spin guard / unlock bars with keys / open bars / w".