Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section - Generic action acceptance messages

    [Some actions succeed by default. We want to take care to describe these successes in the vaguest possible terms, so as not to contradict any author-written text. Even the cautious default for some of these, "Nothing obvious happens," seems too suggestive that something non-obvious might be happening elsewhere. The default examining message has been very slightly softened, to reduce the incongruency of rare objects being called "nothing special," and to bring it in line with the other default sensory messages.

    Conversation actions that succeed mean the parser must admit the action took place, without implying anything about the NPC's reaction: "The detective is unimpressed" can be particularly misleading if you've just shown him a bloody weapon. The solution adopted here is to narrate the player's action, not the NPC's response.]

    Table of custom library messages (continued)
    library-action  library-message-id  library-message-text  
    squeezing action  2  "You squeeze [the noun]." ["You achieve nothing by this."]  
    pushing action  3  "You push [the noun]." ["Nothing obvious happens." <-- for portable objects.]  
    pulling action  3  "You pull [the noun]." ["Nothing obvious happens."]  
    turning action  3  "You turn [the noun]." ["Nothing obvious happens."]  
    examining action  2  "You see nothing unexpected about [the noun]." ["You see nothing special about Bob."]  
    thinking action  1  "Time passes." ["What a good idea."]  
    asking it about action  1  "You learn nothing new." ["There is no reply."]  
    telling it about action  2  "You learn nothing new." ["This provokes no reaction."]  
    asking it for action  1  "You aren't successful." ["There is no reply."]  
    answering it that action  1  "You speak." ["There is no reply."]