Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Chapter - When to reset numbers

    [How long should the disambiguation ID number still be understood as referring to the assigned item? Some players will try to use the numbers on subsequent turns as shortcuts. However, keeping them indefinitely can create a problem with duplicate objects: the disambiguation ID property makes them distinguishable, so "two apples" will start being identified as "an apple" and "an apple." To address this, we reset the numbers as soon as the player enters a command which does not include a number.]

    After reading a command when the number of entries in list of disambiguables > 0 (this is the Numbered Disambiguation Choices reset disambiguation id when no numbers in command rule):
        let disam-cmd be indexed text;
        let disam-cmd be the player's command;
        unless disam-cmd matches the regular expression ".*\d.*":
            consider the Numbered Disambiguation Choices reset disambiguables rule.