Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Chapter - Fix number error

    [Unfortunately, the above understand rules mean Inform thinks any misunderstood sentence is misunderstood because of a number, and will issue a confusing library error message (Misc #29). I can't think of a good way to fix this-- you'd have to loop over grammar lines and check if the player was using one that legitimately called for a number, or something-- so this just replaces the "number" message with the more general "I didn't understand that sentence" message, which is still accurate.]

    Rule for printing a parser error when the latest parser error is the didn't understand that number error (this is the Numbered Disambiguation Choices don't use number rule):
        now the latest parser error is the didn't understand error;
        make no decision.
        [issue miscellaneous library message number 27.]