Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section - Stripping Failed With

    [">take ball with my hand," for instance. If a game actually implements an action using "with [something]", and the player types an unknown second noun, this could produce a misleading message; so we make sure the parser error isn't one that would indicate such a thing.]

    A smarter parser rule when sp_normal (this is the stripping failed with rule):
        if the latest parser error is not the can't see any such thing error:
            if stripping "(with|using|by) (the|a|some|my)?.?$" is fruitful:
                identify error as stripping failed with rule;
                reparse the command.

    Table of Smarter Parser Messages (continued)
    rule name  message  
    stripping failed with rule  "[as the parser]You don't always need to specify what you're doing something with.[as normal]"