Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section - Unnecessary Movement

    ["get closer to ball," "move away from ball, "stand next to ball," "get in front of ball," etc. One of the most common mistaken impressions about the world model seen in novice players.]

    A smarter parser rule when sp_normal (this is the unnecessary movement rule):
        if stripping "(walk|move|go|stand|get) (to|close|away|by|over|near|next)" is fruitful, even within words or stripping "(under|over|behind|around|near|nearer|far|farther|inside|front of|approach|up to|goto)" is fruitful:
            identify error as unnecessary movement rule;
            reject the command.

    Table of Smarter Parser Messages (continued)
    rule name  message  
    unnecessary movement rule  "[as the parser]If you can see an object, you can usually just interact with it directly without worrying about your position[if player is enclosed by something] (although since you're in or on something, you may need to type EXIT first)[end if]. Try a command like EXAMINE [get noun example] for a closer look at something[if the number of sp_viable directions is at least 1], LOOK to get a new description of this location, or a direction like [get direction example] to move to a different location[otherwise], or LOOK to show the description of this location again.[as normal]"