Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section - Stripping Adverbs

    [There are a few English verbs, nouns, and names that end in "ly" and aren't adverbs, like family, Molly, and apply. The biggest danger is that a noun gets referred to in the middle of an improperly formatted command, like >GIVE MOLLY SOME KISSES. To prevent this, only look for adverbs at the start or end of a command.]

    A smarter parser rule when sp_normal (this is the stripping adverbs rule):
        if stripping "\w{3,}ly" is fruitful:
            identify error as stripping adverbs rule;
            reject the command.

    Table of Smarter Parser Messages (continued)
    rule name  message  
    stripping adverbs rule  "[as the parser]I didn't understand that. You used a word that ends in 'ly'; if it was an adverb like 'slowly' or 'carefully,' you don't usually need to be that specific.[as normal]"