Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section - Extended Grammar for Throw

    Understand "throw [something preferably held] into/through/to [something]" as throwing it at.

    [A note:

    The following extensions were considered for inclusion in this package but ultimately rejected for the reasons given below.

    Locksmith by Emily Short - omitted because of size, redundancy with "Approaches," and because most modern games don't have locks and keys.

    Reversed Persuasion Correction by Juhana Leinonen - the extension does not try to replace or improve the standard NPC interaction behaviors, the better to interface with any future extension that does do this.

    Tutorial Mode by Emily Short - too obnoxious for experienced players, but can be a nice optional addition.

    Keyword Interface by Aaron Reed - Changes the presentation layer too much for this package, although it's compatible.

    Modified Exit by Emily Short - Functionality mostly subsumed into Small Kindnesses.

    Implicit Actions by Eric Eve - Some nice features, but more focused on felicity rather than better understanding commands, and use of Text Capture can be problematic with some games. Both this and Limited Implicit Actions also overlap some of the included extensions in nontrivial ways.

    Disambiguation Control by Jon Ingold - Requires replacing a standard Inform syntax (Does the player mean) and thus outside the scope of this extension.

    Basic Help Menu by Emily Short - Aesthetically, I feel text-based menus look dated, and would prefer to point players towards better-designed help resources.

    Player Experience Upgrade ends here.