Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Chapter - Empty Smarter Parser Rulebook

    Use empty Smarter Parser rulebook translates as (- Constant NO_SMARTER_PARSER_RULES; -).

    To decide whether sp_normal: if the empty Smarter Parser rulebook option is active, no; if novice mode enabled is false, no; yes.
    To decide whether sp_normal_and_verb_related: if sp_normal and the latest parser error is verb-related, yes; no. [We must do this awkwardly since we want the rules to be in the order we declare them, but if they have an unequal number of when conditions, they are sorted in that order instead.]

    Definition: a command parser error is verb-related if it is the only understood as far as error or it is the didn't understand error or it is the not a verb I recognise error.