Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section - Avoiding Disambiguation

    [In practice, it doesn't really matter which of several unavailable items the player was referring to; it's quite annoying to be asked which one you meant and then told it isn't there anyway. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to bypass the disambiguation process since it's hard-coded into the Inform 6 templates. Here we do a trick, simply printing a refusal message instead of the disambiguation question. This mostly works, EXCEPT if the player tries to type a direction word: since directions aren't understood as verbs, the parser tries to insert the command into the misunderstood line, leading to "You can't see any such thing."]

    Rule for asking which do you mean while remembering (this is the Remembering don't disambiguate while remembering rule): say the message corresponding to a rule name of Remembering don't disambiguate while remembering rule in Table of Remembering Messages.