Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section: Replacing Default Messages

    The individual extensions by this author have been standardized in the way they name rules and print messages. Every rule begins with the name of the extension it's part of, as in the "Small Kindnesses don't implicitly take unwearables rule." Messages generated by the extensions redirect to library messages whenever possible; when new messages must be created, they're placed in a table called the "Table of <Extension> Responses" with two columns: rule name, and message. You can amend this table to adjust these messages:

        Table of Small Kindnesses Responses (amended)
      rule name  message  
      Small Kindnesses carry out using rule  "You'll have to give me an exact verb."  
    Library and action messages not specific to Player Experience Upgrade are changed by continuing the Table of Custom Library Messages, like this:

        Table of custom library messages (continued)
      library-action  library-message-id  library-message-text  
      --  21  "[as the parser]There's nothing to repeat![as normal]"   
      dropping action  4  "Okay, you drop it."  

    Messages from the parser should be wrapped in the [as the parser] and [as normal] tags, as seen in the first line above. Messages from the narrator can omit these tags.

    The best way to determine the action and number of a message is to open the extension and search for a few consecutive words in the text. (Keep in mind some words like "You" or "their" may be procedurally generated and thus not searchable.) Doing so will also demonstrate the say statements needed to appropriate generate the right text (such as [Cap That's-They're noun], which prints "That's" or "They're" based on whether the noun in question is singular or plural).