Player Experience Upgrade

version 2/111127 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section: Details

    Player Experience Upgrade bundles ten extensions focused on improving various aspects of player experience, to save authors (especially new authors) from reinventing old wheels. The included extensions have been tested and tweaked to work together with a minimum of hands-on fuss. The full list of included extensions is:

        Approaches by Emily Short (Version 4)
         -- Allows players to GO BACK or GO TO a location by name. Addresses the common complaint among new players that compass directions are unintuitive.
        Smarter Parser by Aaron Reed (Version 14)
         -- Scours misunderstood inputs looking for common mistakes and either reparses the command or explains what went wrong.
        Poor Man's Mistype by Aaron Reed (Version 7)
         -- Corrects typing mistakes.
        Numbered Disambiguation Choices by Aaron Reed (Version 6)
         -- Ensures ambiguously named objects are always selectable.
        Default Messages by Ron Newcomb (Version 3)
         -- Allows for easy replacement of library messages.
        Neutral Library Messages by Aaron Reed (Version 2)
         -- Replaces misleading or inappropriate default messages with more helpful or neutral alternatives.
        Remembering by Aaron Reed (Version 8)
         -- Tells the player where they last saw something out-of-scope they're trying to interact with.
        Extended Grammar by Aaron Reed (Version 6)
         -- Adds a number of verb and command form synonyms to the standard actions.
        Punctuation Removal by Emily Short (Version 4)
         -- Allows the player to type titles like MR. without the period causing problems.
        Small Kindnesses by Aaron Reed (Version 12)
         -- Adds many small player aids like a smart USE verb, auto-listing exits after bad movement, and intelligently picking the right way to go for IN or OUT.
    Nothing here alters the default behavior of the Standard Rules or introduces any new mandatory syntax. Authors do not need to learn anything or change their habits to benefit from this extension.

    More experienced authors may wish to simply cherry pick the individual extensions they'd like to use and download and include them individually, although note that each extension is given its own "Book" level heading within Player Experience Upgrade for easy replacement. For example, to remove just "Remembering," add the following as an empty heading, maybe at the end of your source text:

    Book - No Remembering (in place of Book - Remembering by Aaron Reed in Player Experience Upgrade by Aaron Reed)

    If newer versions of component extensions have been released than the ones compiled here, you can simply include them after including Player Experience Upgrade, and the new version will take precedence.