Neutral Library Messages

version 3/120107 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section - Personality-neutral parser

    [Many parser messages are written in too strong of a narrative voice, which can clash with the author's prose. ]

    Table of custom library messages (continued)
    library-action  library-message-id  library-message-text  
    --  9  "[as the parser]You can't see anything.[as normal]" ["It is now pitch dark in here!"]  
    --  10  "[as the parser]No command given.[as normal]" ["I beg your pardon?"]  
    --  11  "[as the parser]Can't 'undo' on the first turn.[as normal]" ["[You can't 'undo' what hasn't been done!]"]  
    --  12  "[as the parser]Can't 'undo' twice in succession.[as normal]" ["Can't 'undo' twice in succession. Sorry!"]  
    --  15  "[as the parser]Nothing to correct. 'Oops' or 'O' followed by a word corrects a single misunderstood word in the last command.[as normal]" ["Think nothing of it."]  
    --  19  "[as the parser]As expected.[as normal]" ["As good-looking as ever." <--- although this message does not seem to be used any more, see Section - Player Description below.]  
    --  21  "[as the parser]There is not a command to repeat.[as normal]" ["You can hardly repeat that."]  
    --  70  "[as the parser]You can't 'undo' in this story.[as normal]" [The use of UNDO is forbidden in this game."]  
    Eating action  2  "You eat [the noun]." ["You eat the noun. Not bad."]  
    Entering action  1  "[as the parser]You're already [if noun is a supporter]on[otherwise]in[end if] [the noun].[as normal]" [But you're already in the car.]  
    Examining action  1  "It's too dark to examine [that-them of noun]." ["Darkness, noun. An absence of light to see by."]  
    Giving it to action  2  "[as the parser]You're already holding [it-them of noun].[as normal]" ["You juggle [the noun] for a while, but don't achieve much."]  
    Looking under action  1  "It's too dark to look under [that-them of noun]." ["But it's dark."]  
    pushing it to action  3  "[as the parser]There is no exit in that direction.[as normal]" ["Not that way you can't."]  
    putting it on action  3  "[as the parser][The second noun] doesn't need to hold anything in this story.[as normal]" ["Putting things on the car would achieve nothing."]  
    putting it on action  4  "[as the parser][if we are dropping]You can't drop yourself.[else]You can't put anything on [the second noun] while you're holding [it-them of second noun].[as normal]" ["You lack the dexterity." <-- Also runs in the "can't drop yourself" rule.]  
    removing it from action  1  "[as the parser]You can't, because [it-they of noun] [is-are] closed.[as normal]" [It is unfortunately closed.]  
    searching action  1  "It's too dark to search [that-them of noun]." ["But it's dark."]  
    sleeping action  1  "You can't sleep right now." ["You aren't feeling especially drowsy."]  
    taking action  2  "[as the parser]You can't take yourself.[as normal]" ["You are always self-possessed."]  
    telling it about action  1  "[as the parser]You can't tell yourself about something.[as normal]" ["You talk to yourself a while."]  
    throwing it at action  1  "[as the parser]You can't throw [that-them of noun], or can't do so in that way.[as normal]" ["Futile." <-- for inanimate objects]  
    touching action  3  "As expected." ["If you think that'll help." <-- for TOUCH SELF]  
    Waking up action  1  "As far as you know, you're already awake." ["The dreadful truth is, this is not a dream."]  
    waving action  2  "You wave [the noun]." ["You look ridiculous waving [the noun]."]  
    waving hands action  1  "You wave." ["You wave, feeling foolish."]