Neutral Library Messages

version 3/120107 by Aaron Reed

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  • Example: * The Ringer - An array of different types of messages, both from the parser and the narrator.

        "The Ringer"

        Include Neutral Library Messages by Aaron Reed.

        To say as the parser: say "<<".
        To say as normal: say ">>".

        Stage is a room. A big cat and a small cat and a bat are in Stage. A platform is an enterable supporter in Stage. A box is a closed openable container on platform. In the box is an apple. The player wears an ascot.

        Check singing when player does not hold platform: instead parser say "You can't sing in this extension demo!".
        Before jumping when player is on platform: say "Before jumping, you stop and think about something.".
        Before sleeping when player is on platform: say "You can't."; parser say "You might try MOVE or TILT."
        Before listening when player is on platform: parser say "That's totally impossible."; say "But you do it anyway."

        test me with "get bat / jump / get cat / big / wait / oops / listen to platform now / get on platform / look / remove all from cat / eat platform / open box / eat apple / g / take / bat / drop all but rat / drop all but bat / drop all but / sing / jump / sleep / listen / examine cat and rat / drop ascot / score".