Neutral Library Messages

version 3/120107 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section: Overriding Messages

    This extension is based on Default Messages by Ron Newcomb, and all the parser messages it changes can be further changed by authors in the same manner as with that extension. You need to continue the Table of Custom Library Messages, like this:

        Table of custom library messages (continued)
      library-action  library-message-id  library-message-text  
      --  21  "[as the parser]There's nothing to repeat![as normal]"   
      dropping action  4  "Okay, you drop it."  

    Messages from the parser should be wrapped in the [as the parser] and [as normal] tags, as seen in the first line above. Messages from the narrator can omit these tags.

    The best way to determine the action and number of a message is to open the extension and search for a few consecutive words in the text. (Keep in mind some words like "You" or "their" may be procedurally generated and thus not searchable.) Doing so will also demonstrate the say statements needed to appropriate generate the right text (such as [Cap That's-They're noun], which prints "That's" or "They're" based on whether the noun in question is singular or plural).