Lines of Communication

version 1 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section: Real-time File Channels

    Switched on real-time file channels will halt execution of the Inform story until they are switched off; any number of incoming commands can be accepted in the interim. You can switch off any file channel by simply making it so:

        now chess computer is switched off;

    File channels can also switch themselves off by using the DISABLE action on the name of the channel.


    An ENABLE action is also provided, which might allow one channel to switch on another, or the player to have control over switching channels. (Both actions are restricted to file channels by default, but this can be overridden.)

    Real-time channels will poll their input files every 1000 milliseconds (one second) by default: you can customize this by changing the "polling frequency in milliseconds".

        The polling frequency in milliseconds is 500.

    By default, at each polling interval the extension will print a dot and a space, to indicate to the player that something is still happening. You can change what's printed by writing a new "say ping output" rule. For instance, to print nothing at all:

        To say ping output: say "[run paragraph on]".