Lines of Communication

version 1 by Aaron Reed

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    This extension creates a manager for file i/o, designed to ease communication with one or more external programs running in parallel with an Inform story. External programs can send parseable commands to a Glulx story that are executed in the background when their associated file channel is switched on. For instance, you might have a fast external chess algorithm. With this extension you could send the player's moves to it:

        inform the chess computer that "play queen's gamble"

    ...and receive back a parseable command like:


    Hooks make it easy to detect which commands are coming from external files, and change behaviors accordingly (in this case, for instance, redirecting the command to be tried by a non-player character in the story). Accepting parseable commands means authors don't need to write their own text-parsing routines to deal with incoming data.

    Real-Time Delays by Erik Temple is required for this extension. Including Console by Aaron Reed provides optional debugging support.