Intelligent Hinting

version 5 by Aaron Reed

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    Fake-actioning is an action out of world applying to nothing. [By default, a newly created stored action is set to "waiting." This creates difficulties for our purposes, as we need a value that means "no real action" to determine whether we've found one yet or not; so here it is.]

    The relevant location is a room that varies. The relevant action is a stored action that varies. The relevant-direction is a direction that varies. Actually-down is a truth state that varies. [These global variables are used to store guesses by the routines below. The last variable tracks whether we mean "default down" (of a newly created direction variable) or "actually down".]

    The macguffin-queue is a list of objects that varies. [Currently, it's not computationally feasible to identify locked doors along a route between an origin and destination. As a result, we can't discover an interposing locked door until we bump into it. Happily, however, this plays into the philosophy of showing not telling; so we'll blithely head towards a locked door without the key, and once we've "discovered" the troublesome door, note that we're looking for the key now in this list. The extension attempts to acquire anything in the macguffin-queue before proceeding to the next action.]