Intelligent Hinting

version 5 by Aaron Reed

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  • Chapter - Listing Puzzles - Not For Release

    Listing requirements is an action out of world applying to nothing. Understand "plist" or "puzzle list" as listing requirements.

    Carry out listing requirements:
        show puzzle tree for Winning-The-Game with indent 0.

    To say (N - a number) spaces:
        repeat with index running from 1 to N:
            say " ".

    To show puzzle tree for (problem - a puzzle) with indent (indent - a number):
        say indent spaces;
        say "[bold type][problem][roman type] [if problem is solved](solved) [end if][if problem is not sequential](not sequential)[end if] [if problem is saved endeavor]***[end if][line break]";
        repeat with puzz running through things required by problem:
            if puzz is a puzzle:
                show puzzle tree for puzz with indent ( indent + 4 ) ;
                say ( indent + 4 ) spaces;
                say "[puzz] [if puzz is complete](complete)[end if] [if puzz is saved endeavor]***[end if][line break]".