Intelligent Hinting

version 5 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section - Finding the Next Task

    To decide which task is next task in (problem - a puzzle):
        if problem is sequential:
            if puzzle-testing all, say "(checking sequential puzzle [problem])";
            repeat with req running through things required by problem:
                if req is a task and req is unsolved:
    [ say "(**deciding on [req]**)";]
                    decide on req;
                otherwise if req is a puzzle and req is unsolved:
    [ say "(**deciding on next task in [req]**)";]
                    decide on next task in req;
        otherwise: [problem is not sequential ]
            if puzzle-testing all, say "(checking not sequential puzzle [problem])";
            unless saved endeavor is nothing: [problem is not sequential & something it requires is our saved endeavor.]
    [ say "(saved endeavor: [saved endeavor])";]
                let tmptask be saved endeavor;
                unless problem is tmptask:
                    while tmptask is not required by problem:
                        now tmptask is requiree of tmptask;
    [ say "(**[tmptask]**)";]
                if tmptask is a task:
    [ say "**tmptask deciding on [tmptask]**";]
                    decide on tmptask;
                otherwise if problem is not tmptask:
    [ say "**tmptask deciding on next task in [tmptask]**";]
                    decide on next task in tmptask;
    [ say "**made it this far**";]
            [If we've made it this far, we need to choose a new thing to do.]
            if puzzle-testing inferences, say "(no saved endeavor: looking for recent actions/moves related to [problem])";
            scour recent input for puzzle suggestions;
            let candidate be the best choice of the ranked puzzles under problem;
            if puzzle-testing inferences, say "(choosing [candidate])";
            [If we've ended up with a task, we're solved; otherwise save our progress and recurse.]
            if candidate is a task and candidate is unsolved:
                now saved endeavor is candidate;
                decide on candidate;
            otherwise if candidate is a puzzle and ( candidate requires something unsolved or candidate requires something unsolved ) :
                now saved endeavor is nothing;
                now saved endeavor is next task in candidate;
                decide on saved endeavor.