Intelligent Hinting

version 5 by Aaron Reed

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  • Version 5 of Intelligent Hinting by Aaron Reed begins here.

    "Encodes knowledge about puzzles into the game's code, allowing it to know which puzzle the player is currently on, and even suggest the next move to be taken."

    Version history:
    Version 5: Updated for build 6E59.
    Version 4: Cleaned up documentation.
    Version 3: Fixed some bugs in the extension and examples & made some cosmetic changes, all suggested by Ron Newcomb; many thanks! Most notably, changed "do the action of" to "do the action of the person asked", which should make it user to use Intelligent Hinting with actors other than the player. Also fixed some bugs in Slay Doctor Lucky caught by Mark Tilford.
    Version 2:
    -- Added "changes" debug command.
    -- Various documentation corrections and bug fixes.
    -- Moved the test for "whether it seems (act - a stored action) is unfinished" to the new puzz-unfinished rulebook, so checks for new actions can be added. Ditto for "whether it seems (act - a stored action) is possible".

    Use slow route-finding. [Due to a bug in Inform 5Z71.]