Intelligent Hinting

version 5 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section: The Command-Sequence

    As an alternative to giving a task a list of stored actions to try, we can instead give it a "command-sequence" (a list of indexed texts). This is useful to represent commands like "take all" that can't be stored actions, or for input that is parsed differently than the norm, like responses to questions in a custom conversation system.

        Preparing-For-Plover-Room is a task with venue In_Alcove and command-sequence {"drop all"}.

    The Plover Room puzzle in Adventure requires that the player not be carrying anything before they enter. Since we have no way of knowing what specific items the player might be carrying at this particular moment, we can't issue individual "drop" commands; but we can give the task a command-sequence of the string "drop all". Adventure also uses this for the "fee, fie, foe, foo" sequence of magic words in the Giant Room.

    Note that none of the automatic key-finding, opening or unlocking code will function when using a command-sequence, as Intelligent Hinting can't pick out the nouns from the string; these things will have to be taken care of by hand, perhaps with a standard task just before.