Conversation Framework for Sand-dancer

version 2 by Aaron Reed

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  • Part 2 - The misc-suggestion Kind

    A misc-suggestion is a kind of thing. An misc-suggestion is usually proper-named.
    A misc-suggestion is usually familiar.
    A misc-suggestion has a number called seqno. The seqno of an misc-suggestion is usually 100.

    The specification of misc-suggestion is "An misc-suggestion is an object for use in an other-suggestions list. It is used to suggest topics for conversation other than those the player might ask about or tell about (e.g. SAY YES or GIVE HIM THE BOOK). The printed name of an misc-suggestion should be something that would make sense following 'You could '. An misc-suggestion can be given a seqno in order to place it in an appropriate place in the sequence of misc-suggestions."

    yes-suggestion is a misc-suggestion. The printed name is "say yes". The seqno is 10.
    no-suggestion is a misc-suggestion. The printed name is "say no." The seqno is 12.
    yes-no-suggestion is a misc-suggestion. The printed name is "say yes or no". The seqno is 10.

    self-suggestion is a familiar thing. The printed name is "[it-them of the current interlocutor][if the current interlocutor acts plural]selves[otherwise]self[end if]"