Conversation Framework for Sand-dancer

version 2 by Aaron Reed

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    This extension is a modified version of Eric Eve's Conversation Framework and Conversation Suggestions extensions, designed for use with the game "Sand-dancer." For full details, see the documentation for the above two extensions (which are not required, but included within this extension). Below are the ways this extension differs from the default.

    Section - Saying yes and no

    Conversation Framework routes all the alternate ways the player might say yes and no to the saying yes and saying no actions. This extension then converts these to "informing someone about yes-suggestion" and no-suggestion, for greater parity with other rules.

    Section - Prevent leaving a conversation early

    A truth state, "can't leave conversation early," when true will prevent the player from saying goodbye or moving to a new location until the conversation ends (which must be triggered by the NPC, not the player.)

    Section - Show topics after every turn

    A truth state, "show topics every turn," when true will display the list of possible topics after every turn during a conversation, rather than only in response to the TOPICS command.

    Section - Extend the grammar line

    The extension understands commands like "ask him what he means" or "ask why," using the implicit-quizzing action to direct this to the appropriate partner.

    Section - clear all topics

    A new phrase, "clear all topics," will reset the ask-suggestions, tell-suggestions, and other-suggestions of the current interlocutor, which is good for moving the conversation forward to a new state.

    Section - scope

    By default, the author must both add a new topic to a conversation list and make sure it is in scope. This extension simplifies this by allowing for an NPC to be carrying any topics that are unique to that NPC, and bringing all those topics into and out of scope when the conversation begins and ends.