version 1 by Aaron Reed

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  • Section - Drawing Rules

    Saved console message counter is a number that varies.

    Before reading a command when console-window is g-present (this is the update console window with new lines rule):
        move focus to console-window;
        let console-text be indexed text;
        now console-text is "[text of File of Console Output]";
        while saved console message counter < console message counter:
            increase saved console message counter by 1;
            say "[line number saved console message counter in console-text][line break]";
        say "[run paragraph on]";
        return to main screen.

    A window-drawing rule for the console-window (this is the redraw the console window rule):
        move focus to console-window, clearing the window;
        say "[text of File of Console Output][run paragraph on]";
        return to main screen.

    Console ends here.