version 1 by Aaron Reed

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    This extension creates a new phrase that lets authors save diagnostic and debugging information into an external file, which should be called "console.glkdata" on most systems and appear in the same directory as the project. This keeps the main story file clear of clutter and allows testing information to be monitored through a text editor in a separate window.

    To write something to the console, use the phrase "in the console say" or its abbreviation, "csay," follow by text:

        in the console say "Testing whether gold present with [the noun].";
        csay "Testing whether gold present with [the noun].";

    A line break is added after each say statement. The console is cleared each time the story is restarted. In a released project, all console-related phrases will be ignored.

    When using a Glulx project and including the extension Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold (which should be included before this extension), you can additionally monitor the console from directly within your story. Type CONSOLE to activate a window displaying the console's contents, and CONSOLE again to close it.