Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Chapter - Selecting Activity
    [Page-turning relates various choices to a page (called the next page). The verb to turn to (he turns to, they turn to, he turned to, it is turned to, he is turning to) implies the page-turning relation.]
    Page-flipping relates various pages to one page (called the destination page). The verb to flip to (he flips to, they flip to, he flipped to, it is flipped to, it is flipping to) implies the page-flipping relation.
    A page can be an end-page.
    Selecting something is an activity on objects.
    Before selecting an object (called x) (this is the print choice selection rule):
        say "[italic type][bracket]" (A);
        carry out the choice-displaying activity with x;
        say "[close bracket][roman type][paragraph break]" (B).
    [Before selecting an object (called x) when x is not a page (this is the print object selection rule):
        say "[italic type][bracket][X][close bracket][roman type][paragraph break]".]
    Before selecting (this is the clear choices after selecting rule):
        clear choices.