Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Chapter - Item Invoking
    Item-invoking disabled is a truth state that varies. Item-invoking disabled is true.
    Item-invoking is an action applying to one visible thing. Understand "[a thing]" as item-invoking when in cyoa mode and item-invoking disabled is false.
    Check item-invoking (this is the can't use item-invoking mode outside of CYOA rule):
        unless in cyoa mode:
            say "[We] can't use items like that outside of choice mode, [we] [have] to actually describe how [we] [are] going to use it." (A) instead.
    Report item-invoking (this is the block item-invoking rule):
        say "[The noun] can't be used here." (A) instead.