Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Section: Simple Choices
    We can imagine a page as a passage in our favorite adventure books of yore. When we write a "page", this is like a passage in our story.
        The first junction is a page.
        "The tunnel goes left and right."
    This is the simplest page possible. Presumably, it is the first page in our book.
    Now we can add some choices.
        The left tunnel is a page.
        "You go left and find yourself in a long corridor."
        The cdesc is "Go left.". It is for the first junction.
        The right tunnel is a page.
        "You go right and find yourself in a large cave. A little stream runs through it."
        The cdesc is "Go right.". It is for the first junction.
    Some notes here. The CDESC stands for "CHOICE DESCRIPTION", and it is what is displayed when this page is offered as a choice.
    The second thing you'll notice is that the choice is "for the first junction". This indicates that his page is a choice for the first junction. This is short for "The first junction turns to this page".
    Flexible CYOA handles multiple pages just fine.
        The easy choice is a page.
        "You make the easy choice."
        The cdesc is "Do the easy thing." It is for page1, page2, page3, page4...