Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Chapter: What is Hybrid CYOA
    Hybrid CYOA is a CYOA menu-based system that can switch back to interactive modes. At the top level, it simply presents the player with a passage and a list of options.
        The murderer brandishes a wicked knife at you. What will you do?
        1) Fight back!
        2) Freeze!
        3) Run away!
    The player can type one of the selected options. That option leads to more options.
        What weapon will you use?
        1) Fists.
        2) Sword.
        3) Grenade.
    ...and sometimes they won't.
        You toss the grenade and kill both yourself and the murderer.
        *** YOU DIED ***
    Where Hybrid Choices gets very powerful is how it interacts with the normal parser mode we are all familiar with. Hybrid Choices has the ability to swap back and forth, allowing you to have sequences of CYOA punctuated by normal Interactive Fiction goodness.
        Where do you want to travel?
        1) London
        2) New York
        3) Sydney
        You take a plane to Sydney.
        You stand before the Sydney Opera House, north of you, and the Government House is to the south. Southwest is a pleasant promenade with shops, and southeast heads off into a beach.
    This is really only scratching the surface. There are detailed examples at the end of the document which demonstrate different things you can accomplish with Hybrid Choices. Have fun!