Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Example: ** Eating a Banana - A simple demonstration of item-invoking and how it might be implemented in a large project.
        "Eating a Banana" by AW Freyr
        Include Hybrid Choices by AW Freyr.
        A thing has an object called the item menu. The item menu is usually nothing.
        Check item-invoking something:
            if the item menu of the noun is not a page:
                say "[The noun] [are] not very interesting." instead.
        Carry out item-invoking something:
            turn to item menu of the noun.
        The block item-invoking rule is not listed in the report item-invoking rulebook.
        The banana is a thing carried by the player. The item menu is b1.
        b1 is a page. It is a dead-end.
        "You eat the banana."
        A page-toggle rule for b1:
            now the banana is off-stage.
        p1 is a page.
        "You get the feeling there's no way out except eating a banana."
        The blue room is a room.
        After looking for the first time:
            now the item-invoking disabled is false;
            switch to cyoa at p1.