Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Section: Presenting Objects as Choices
    Object have to be manually inserted as choices using the POPULATE CHOICE LIST WITH phrase.
        populate choice list with visible people who are not the player.
        populate choice list with round balls.
        populate choice list with grandma.
    These place these objects as a choices in the next menu, along with any other pages they might refer to. It's recommended you perform this function with the page-toggle rules.
        A page-toggle rule for #killallmartians:
            populate choice list with living martians.
    These options are only valid once, so you need to repopulate them again if you want to use them again.
    Objects, like pages, can be manipulated using the choice-priority and choice-display.
        Choice-priority for a Martian:
            rule succeeds with result 1.
        Choice-display a Martian (called the poolord):
            say "Kill [poolord]."