Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Chapter: Advanced Topic - Object Choices
    As of Version 4, there is no restriction on what object can be a choice. This makes Hybrid Choices very powerful in how it can manipulate the model world, and lifts a lot of prior limitations. In Hybrid Choices parlance, an "object choice" is a choice which is not a page.
    You might be wonder -- what's the point of this? Why would I want objects to be pages? Well, assume you want to an action that brings up all interactive objects in one room as choices. For example, a "list visible objects" command that will let players open a menu of all visible objects that can be examined. Previously, you would need to make a page for each single object, then write page-toggle rules for each of them, and choice-switch rules in case they aren't visible. Object Choices automates what would otherwise be a laborious process.
    This is all very powerful but comes with the caveat that Hybrid Choices doesn't assume how you want to manipulate object-choices, so some work is necessary to get the full benefit out of them. Once you do, you can use Hybrid Choices to construct action menus, fast travel, node-based conversation systems, or anything, really. "Colored Rooms" and "The Lineup" both present examples of how you could implement object choices.