Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Section: Items
    Like Adventure Book, Hybrid Choices makes use of items. Unlike Adventure Book, however, inventory items are not special sorts of flags, they're actual things in the player's inventory and things around them. A key picked up in interactive mode can be used to open a door in choice mode, and vice versa.
        unlockdoor is a page.
        "You unlock the door with the bronze key."
        The cdesc is "Unlock the door." The required item is the bronze key.
    The "required item" of any give page is the thing that's needed in the player's inventory to reveal it. A page can only have one required item at a time.
    Similarly, the "canceling item" is an object that suppresses a page if the player is lugging it around.
        hitdoor is a page.
        "Without a key, you hit the door with futility."
        The cdesc is "Hit door." The canceling item is the bronze key.
    Another way you can use items is through the "item-invoking" action. This action allows the player to type the name of a thing in interactive mode, for example, a key, and have that prompt a certain action. By default, item-invoking is disabled. You'll need to activate it by switching the "item-invoking disabled" truth state to false.
        When play begins:
            now item-invoking disabled is false.
    Now you'll need to supply the behaviors when you do item-invoking. By default, it just says "The thing can't be used here.", which isn't very exciting. There are a couple of applications for it, you can use it for inventory management, or you can use it as a way to interact with objects outside of the player's inventory.
    This is a very quick example of a system which opens a menu whenever you item-invoke something.
        A thing has an object called the item menu. The item menu is usually nothing.
        Check item-invoking something:
            if the item menu of the noun is not a page:
                say "[The noun] [are] not very interesting." instead.
        Carry out item-invoking something:
            turn to item menu of the noun.
        The block item-invoking rule is not listed in the report item-invoking rulebook.