Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Section: Choice-Priority
    As of Version 3, you can now influence choice order by setting choice-priorities. This is useful if you want options to leave menus on the very bottom rather than somewhere awkward like in the very middle.
    When a choice is elected for selection, it is given a numerical value (by default '50') through the choice-priority rules. The lower the number, the higher it is displayed as a choice.
    Let's say you always want violence to be the last option. We can pretty easily do that now.
        pkillthem is a page.
        The cdesc is "Kill them!"
        The description is "Violence is always the last option."
        Choice-priority for pkillthem:
            rule succeeds with result 200.
    You can do the opposite as well, always putting a choice on top.
        phugthem is a page.
        The cdesc is "Hug them!"
        The description is "Shnuggles are always appropriate."
        Choice-priority for phugthem:
            rule succeeds with result 1.