Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Section: Choice-Displaying
    Normally, a cdesc is the same no matter where it is displayed. The choice-displaying activity determines what is printed when a page is displayed as a choice. This is usually the cdesc, but it can be anything else you want.
        Rule for choice-displaying the blending page:
            if the current page is red-blue:
                say "Purple.";
            else if the current page is yellow-blue:
                say "Green.";
            else if the current page is yellow-red:
                say "Orange."
    This is useful if you want to simulate several choices that are really just one choice leading to the same page.
        Rule for choice-displaying GoToGarden:
            if the current page is InTheHall:
                say "Exit the house.";
            else if the current page is InTheDriveway:
                say "Take the path to the garden."
    If you want multiple choice on the same page to lead to the same page, it's best to make those pages flip to the desired destination.