Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Section: Page-Switch
    It is possible at certain points to swap out the page you are currently looking at. This is the purpose of the page-switch. This rulebook switches out one page for another when called. It is useful when you have one choice that has many possibilities depending on the game state, or if you have an event that would stop the player immediately.
        The p1 is a page.
        "You are in front of the extra-dimensional door. There is but one thing to do..."
        The p2 is a page.
        The cdesc is "Open the door." It is for p1.
        A page-switch rule for p2:
            let X be a random number between 1 and 6;
            if X is 1:
                now the current page is InHell;
            else if X is 2:
                now the current page is InHeaven;
            else if X is 3:
                now the current page is SomewhereInMongolia;
            else if X is 4:
                now the current page is InTheVacuumOfSpace;
            else if X is 5:
                now the current page is AtYourParents;
            else if X is 6:
                now the current page is StormingNormandyBeach.
    As you can see, the page-switch rule works by changing the "current page" at the very last minute. The "current page" is whatever page is being currently processed.