Hybrid Choices

version 7 by AW Freyr

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  • Section: A Note About the Repeated Description Bug
    Some people have reported duplicated room and page descriptions for a while. I've seen this myself, and I was aware of the problem, but because I am a lazy developer crushed by a demanding and poorly-paying day job, I just haven't had the chance to sit down and fix it until now. Now this is the patch. Rather, this is patch produced by lazily copy-pasting Vince Laviano's fix directly into the extension (thanks random forum guy!). Still, some of these are really beyond my paltry powers, so I'm going to go over three scenarios where you might encounter repeated text and their fixes.
    Scenario 1: Moving the player, as in "now the player is in Hogwarts" will always print a room description, and in the case of CYOA mode will actually print the page description twice. This is hard-coded behavior, and as much as there should be a "Moving the Player to" activity, there isn't. The only way to prevent this is the use of the phrase "move the player to Hogwarts, without printing a room description". You could also use the "cyoa teleport to Hogwarts" phrase included in this extension.
    Scenario 2: If you are getting repeated page descriptions in the beginning of the game, you are probably using "When play begins: switch to cyoa at p1." instead of the proper "Instead of looking for the first time: switch to cyoa at p1." Again, looking at the very beginning of a game is pretty much hardcoded behavior, and there's nothing I can do to prevent it (or really should). Alternatively, you can use the "without looking" phrase option to suppress any duplicated page description, as in "switch to cyoa at p1, without looking".
    Scenario 3: Using a page-toggle rule to exit CYOA as opposed to simply labeling a page as an end-page will cause the room description to print twice. It is recommended you use the end-page property rather than a page-toggle rule, but if for some reason you need to use the page-toggle rules, you can use "switch from cyoa, without looking" as a temporary fix.