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Inform release 6L38

Release date: 2014-08-30 21:17:33

Description of this release

Unlike its predecessor, build 6L02, this release of Inform is aimed almost entirely at maintenance: it fixes around 150 bugs, most of them minor and related to recent changes. Users of 6L02 should be able to upgrade with no preparation needed; users of earlier builds, though, would be well advised to read the notes on the big changes in 6L02 before proceeding.

But there is one major development, all the same: for the first time Inform is being released for a mass-market mobile operating system - Android.

The change log can be browsed in plain text here, and is once again also downloadable as an EPUB.

The two manuals for Inform, "Writing with Inform" and "The Inform Recipe Book", are included in the application itself, but they can also be downloaded as an EPUB.

This is no longer the current build. Almost all users should look for the latest one. Old builds like this are unsupported, and are kept only for the benefit of people who need exactly to recreate the system as it stood in the past, perhaps to replicate an old Inform project.