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Inform release 5U92

Release date: 2008-09-10 09:00:00

Description of this release

Build 5U92 makes a set of related improvements to the way adjectives, nouns and verbs combine in descriptions. This lifts many restrictions which made talking about values less flexible than talking about objects, and shows the language gradually becoming more general. This brings only subtle (if nice to have) improvements for authors, but improves the coherence of the design of Inform. In addition, directions can now be created freely, fulfilling the last outstanding promise made in the January 2007 consultation document. There are miscellaneous minor improvements, and five months' worth of maintenance changes. All 110 issues arising from bug reports received up to 7 September 2008 have been closed out.

The change log can be browsed here.

This is no longer the current build. Almost all users should look for the latest one. Old builds like this are unsupported, and are kept only for the benefit of people who need exactly to recreate the system as it stood in the past, perhaps to replicate an old Inform project.