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Inform release 4U65

Release date: 2007-05-07 12:00:00

Description of this release

Build 4U65 once again fixes all bugs reported up to 22 April, but in fact few were found in 4S08; and it removes a hole in the type-checking system, to do with phrases to make decisions, but this will have affected few users. The main aim is an across-the-board reform of how actions are handled and implemented in Inform. Proposals (6.33), (6.35), (6.37) and (6.39) from the January 2007 consultation document are all carried through. It is now much easier to create actions which work equally for all actors, and which need a complicated interaction of rules to work.

Build 4U67, for Mac OS X only, is identical to 4U65 except for the OS X user interface, in which the secondary controls in the various different panels have been harmonised into new-style bar icons. (In addition, new forward and back arrows provide the long-requested "browser-style history buttons".) We are releasing this now rather than waiting because it also fixes the minor but annoying bug to do with selecting detail pages in the Actions index (see the 4U65 release notes).

The change log can be browsed here.

This is no longer the current build. Almost all users should look for the latest one. Old builds like this are unsupported, and are kept only for the benefit of people who need exactly to recreate the system as it stood in the past, perhaps to replicate an old Inform project.