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Inform release 4S08

Release date: 2007-03-25 12:00:00

Description of this release

Build 4S08 represents a substantial update in five respects: it fixes all known bugs - some 335 bug reports have been acted on since 4K41 and the database of open bug report forms is now empty for the first time since the public beta was released as 3K27; it introduces the first batch of improvements proposed in the January 2007 consultation document; it makes the first real reform of paragraph-spacing since 3K27; it makes the first tentative steps towards Inform 7 for Linux, though at present as a command-line system without the graphical user interface; and it is accompanied by more supporting materials than previous builds, notably free-standing documentation and a formal grammar.

The change log can be browsed here.

This is no longer the current build. Almost all users should look for the latest one. Old builds like this are unsupported, and are kept only for the benefit of people who need exactly to recreate the system as it stood in the past, perhaps to replicate an old Inform project.