Contributing to the Inform Community

The health of Inform depends very much on the community of authors and players who supply tools and help to support the development of the program.

Contributing News and Resources to This Site

We are always interested in learning about new work being done with Inform. Tutorials and educational information are also extremely welcome. If you would like to contribute news items or resources for the site, please contact Emily Short (

Creating Extensions

Inform users have written hundreds of extensions to assist one another - here's how to throw your stone on the cairn.

Creating Website Templates

Inform authors who would like to publish their games with an associated website may use a variety of templates to do so. If you have a taste for web design and would like to contribute your own website templates, please email any template files to the extensions librarian, Christopher Armstrong, (

Helping to maintain Inform

For how to report bugs and propose new features, see Report.