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Chapter 1: Introduction    Chapter 7: The Inform language   
Chapter 2: Build 6M62    Chapter 8: The Standard Rules   
Chapter 3: Build 6L38    Chapter 9: Other features   
Chapter 4: Build 6L02    Chapter 10: Maintenance   
Chapter 5: The Inform application    Chapter 11: Earlier builds   
Chapter 6: Documentation and Index   

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Chapter 1: Introduction

§1.1. Preface

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§1.1. Preface

Inform is a project under active development, both by its original authors and by users who contribute extensions. Besides that, it belongs to an ecosystem of related tools and projects, and they develop, too.

So Inform is periodically reissued in new versions, or "builds". Builds of Inform are identified by four-character codes: number, letter, number, number. Builds are always accompanied by a detailed if sometimes technical "change log", laying out what's new. You're now reading a collection of these change logs, going backwards in time to build 4S08, which was really the first version of Inform 7 considered solid enough for regular rather than experimental use.

Note: Throughout this document, bug numbers in the seven-digit form "0000123" refer to tickets at the Inform bug tracker: Suggestion numbers, also large but not starting with a 0, refer to tickets at Inform's Uservoice forum, a public venue for suggestions to be made about future features:

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