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§2.9. Material not for release

Special testing commands, like "TEST" and "SHOWME", are automatically excluded from the story if it is exported from the Inform application using the Release button. We sometimes want to write our own for-testing-purposes-only code, though, and for this purpose we are allowed to designate whole headings as being "not for release":

Section 10 - Open sesame - Not for release

Universal opening is an action applying to nothing.
Understand "open sesame" as universal opening.
Carry out universal opening: now all doors are open.
Report universal opening: say "Open Sesame!"

Clearly we do not wish the final reader to be able to type "OPEN SESAME", so this whole heading will be disregarded in the Release version, as will any heading whose name includes "not for release".

Note that if a chapter, say, is marked as "not for release", then its subheadings (mere sections) will also not be for release. If in doubt, check the "Contents" index: if any section is "not for release" then so are all of its subheadings.

The reverse effect is produced by:

Section 10 - Open sesame - For release only

That is, it marks material included only in a Release version.

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