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§2.15. What to do about a bug

In its present guise, Inform is a young piece of software, and bugs are to be expected from time to time. The most obvious bugs are the ones which Inform catches itself, when it confesses that it has halted in failure, or translated the source text into a program which cannot be compiled further. But sometimes it will also happen that Inform will issue a misleading Problem message, or appear to work normally but to produce a story which does not do what it should have done.

It is very helpful for users to report faults, so that the program can be improved for everyone else. To report a fault, please first check with the Inform home page to make sure that the version of Inform you have used to detect the fault is the latest version available. You can find the latest versions at

If the bug is still present in the latest version, please report the bug using Inform's bug tracking database, found at

We can search existing bug reports using the search box at

It may be that someone else has already identified the bug and even that a workaround for users is suggested. If not, please make an account at the bug tracking system and submit the requested information to help Inform's maintainers track and fix the fault.

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