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§1.9. Summary of the Skein and Transcript

The Skein records the history of different plays through the current project, and the Transcript records the text of each response, comparing it with a "blessed" or correct version if one is available.

In the Skein each typed command is a "knot". The threads hanging down from the top "- start -" knot are possible histories. Double-click on a knot to play through to there.

Yellow knots are commands played so far in the current story: green knots are possible lines not taken, or not taken yet.

A solid thread is "locked" and protected from deletion (by accident or when Inform trims away loose ends): a dashed thread has no such protection.

A bright knot has a blessed transcript: a darker knot is one which has no blessed transcript. When a bright knot shows a red badge, this means that when last tested its command produced a textual reply which wasn't the same as the blessed transcript. Clicking on the badge shows exactly how.

The thicker thread in the Skein shows the history currently being displayed in the Transcript panel.

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