Inform is a programming language for creating interactive fiction, using natural language syntax. Using natural language and drawing on ideas from linguistics and from literate programming, Inform is widely used as a medium for literary writing, as a prototyping tool in the games industry, and in education, both at school and university level (where Inform is often assigned material for courses on digital narrative). It has at various times ranked in the top 100 most influential programming languages according to the TIOBE index, most recently in 2019, and sometimes in the top 50.

What we now call Inform is properly Inform 7, but you still sometimes see references to a completely different, lower-level system called Inform 6. This is used as a means to an end lower down in the software stack, but writers can largely forget that it exists.

These pages are a transitional website for Inform as we prepare for open-sourcing the software as part of the Autumn 2019 release.